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White Lion

Current Members(EDIT)

  • Mike Tramp – Lead Vocals
  • Jamie Law – Guitars
  • Troy Patrick Farrel – Drums
  • Henning Wanner – Keyboards
  • Claus Langeskov – Bass


  • Fight To Survive (1985)
  • Pride (1987)
  • Big Game (1989)
  • Mane Attraction (1991)
  • The Best of White Lion (1992)
  • Remembering White Lion (1999)
  • Anthology ‘83-’89 (2004)
  • The Definitive Rock Collection (2007)
  • Return of The Pride (2008)

Live Albums(EDIT)

  • Rocking The USA (2005)


White Lion is an American glam metal band from New York City. The band was formed in 1983 by vocalist Mike Tramp and guitarist Vito Bratta. After two successful singles, Wait, and When The Children Cry, the band disbanded in 1991.

In 1983, vocalist Mike Tramp and guitarist Vito Bratta met and decided to form a band. They recruited drummer, Nicki Capozzi, and bassist Felix Robinson, and they decided to name their band White Lion.

Elektra Records signed the band in 1984. On their signing, they recorded their debut album, Fight To Survive. After the record label heard the album, they refused to release it because they were unhappy with the final recording. After that, the label ended White Lion’s contract.

After the band had their contract cut-off, Capozzi and Robinson left the band. After some band member changes, the next line-up of the band included, vocalist Mike Tramp, guitarist Vito Bratta, drummer Greg D’Angelo, and bassist James LoMenzo.

With the new line-up, the band re-recorded their debut album, Fight To Survive. The album was released in Japan by RCA Records in 1984. In the U.S., a small label released the album, Grand Slam Records, on November 9, 1985. The album did not chart, and a few months later, Grand Slam Records went bankrupt.

The band’s next album, Pride, was released on June 21, 1987. The album spawned two successful singles, Wait, and When The Children Cry. The songs, Wait and When The Children Cry, peaked at number 8 and number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, respectively. The album sold over two million copies, staying on the Billboard 200 chart for a full year and peaking at number 11.

In support of the album, the band toured for the next year and a half. On their tour, they opened for bands such as Aerosmith, Ozzy, KISS, AC/DC, and Stryper. While on tour, their album and the song, Wait, finally charted.

After their tour ended, the band decided to record their next album right away. Eventually, the band regretted this decision. The final product of their recording was Big Game. On August 10, 1989, the band released their next album. The album peaked at number 19 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album went gold rather quickly, but had no hit single, so the sales of the album declined steadily.


In July of 1991, the band released their next album, Mane Attraction. The album peaked at number 61 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album was released after the grunge explosion, so the album didn’t reach the top 20. Shortly after the release of the album, Greg D’Angelo and James LoMenzo left the band for ‘musical differences’. Mike Tramp and Vito Bratta recruited, Tommy Caradonna to play bass and Jimmy DeGrasso to play drums. After a short tour in support of the album, the band decided to call it quits.

Even though the band was disbanded for about a year, Atlantic Records released the first greatest hits compilation. On September 15, 1992, The Best of White Lion, was released. The album did not chart.

After White Lion disbanded, vocalist Mike Tramp formed a new band called, Freak of Nature. His band released three albums, Freak of Nature, Gathering of Freaks, and Outcasts. Mike has also released four solo albums, Capricorn, Recovering The Wasted Years, More To Life Than This, and Songs I Left Behind. He also released a live album called Rock n’ Roll Alive.

James LoMenzo and Greg D’Angelo joined Zakk Wylde’s band, Lynyrd Skynhead. Eventually the band switched names and Greg D’Angelo and James LoMenzo left. LoMenzo went on the play with David Lee Roth, Black Label Society, and Megadeth. D’Angelo went on to play for AntiProduct and Greg Leon Invasion.

Vito Bratta did some work for Atlantic Records and eventually left. He tried forming a new band but it didn’t work out. In 1994, he disappeared from the public eye until he was interviewed by Eddie Trunk live on February 16, 2007.

In 1999, Mike Tramp released the album, Remembering White Lion, with new musicians. The album featured newly recorded versions of White Lion’s classic songs, such as, Wait and When The Children Cry.

In 2003, Tramp formed a new line-up of White Lion with James LoMenzo, Jimmy DeGrasso, and Warren DeMartini of Ratt. Vito Bratta filed a law suit claiming partial ownership of the name and the tour was over.

In 2005, Mike Tramp recruited some unknown musicians and started a band with them called, Tramp’s White Lion, TWL, or White Lion 2. Tramp’s White Lion released a double-live CD called, Tramp’s White Lion: Rockin’ The USA.

On February 16, 2007, Vito Bratta was interviewed by Eddie Trunk. He said that he had never refused to do a White Lion reunion, saying that he wouldn’t do the previous one was that his father was sick. Over the course of the interview, Bratta said that he was never opposed to the thought of a White Lion reunion and he wanted it to happen since the band first broke up in 1991.

After the legal issues were solved, the new line-up of White Lion released a new album in 2008. The album was called, Return of The Pride, and was released on March 14, 2008 in Europe. It was not released in North America until April 29th. The album did not chart. In support of the album, the band went on a world tour.



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  1. whitelionfan Says:

    White Lion is back, Mike Tramp started the band again with a new Line-up.
    Vito Bratta and Greg D Angelo were not intrested in a reunion and James Lomenze is currently very busy in Megadeth, so after many attempts Mike Tramp dicided to handpick some other musicians to reform WHITE LION.

    They already released a new studio album (all new songs) in 2008 with the running title: RETURN OF THE PRIDE.

    Also at the end of 2008 a live DVD saw the light of day:
    official White Lion website: http://www.returnofthepride.com

  2. 1poisonfan Says:

    if I could play guitar, all I would learn would be White Lion songs <3

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  3. onewildnight Says:

    One of the best voices in the business

  4. sleepinbuty Says:

    One of the best voices in the business

  5. motleynutt Says:

    There is much that I wouldn’t do to see White Lion play live again.

  6. glamrose Says:

    Talk about memories, I caught a live show back in the day and the goosebumps are real today as they were then!

  7. nikkidimage Says:

    I Love White Lion?i love you sooo much?.I Miss the old White Lion.what do you think andy-sixx?

  8. bringmetalback Says:

    White Lion rules live. Even if it is the new line-up..they are still awesome!!

  9. streetmachine Says:

    Love you forever <3. Keep rockin'

  10. impaler9 Says:

    Has anyone seen a pic of what White Lion look like now. Amazing how much people change in 25 years

  11. Dr Rock Says:

    White Lion zijn de best presterende in de wereld

  12. bedwell2174 Says:

    White Lion kick major ass !!

  13. jimmy dog Says:

    White Lion Rules!

  14. wrench Says:

    great band and amazing musicians, especially Vito Bratta the guitarist and James Delomenzo the bassist

  15. Scarysarey Says:

    i love White Lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. pochhoney Says:

    Best band by a country mile! Thank you White Lion

  17. daniellerocks Says:

    What I like best about White Lion is how the rhythm section form a tight rock groove. Grate to headbang to

  18. twistedrock Says:

    I Love White Lion?i love you sooo much?.I Miss the old White Lion.what do you think pentium10?

  19. poisonfan5 Says:

    Great memories, thank you so much..

  20. youcancallmeal Says:

    White Lion Rules!

  21. enni Says:

    best band in the world.

  22. diehardcruehead1978 Says:

    if I could play guitar, all I would learn would be White Lion songs <3

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  23. clcheapshoes520 Says:

    Those were the good old days!

  24. rattnroll Says:

    Saw White Lion in early 90s really rocked!

  25. grunger Says:

    In the 80s, my entire wardrobe was based on what White Lion used to wear at the time. Wish I still had it :(

  26. ccrunner4592 Says:

    White Lion rules live. Even if it is the new line-up..they are still awesome!!

  27. margaretangel Says:

    u guys r sooooooooooo awesome

  28. Ayven Kamikaze Says:

    One of the Best Live Bands EVER! Come back to Raleigh!

  29. aimeebelle07 Says:

    these fuckers suck. I hate them. They act like little bitches backstage

  30. Hot Scratch Says:

    Fucking love White Lion x

  31. Mars Says:

    Already seen White Lion play live 12 times and could easily make it 13 if addicted2glam would come along with me LOL!

    Marketing Strategy Sydney

  32. nightsong Says:

    My fav band of all time. I love White Lion.

  33. cootrade Says:

    I love White Lion!I have seen them live twice&they were awesome both times!my favorite!

  34. Ax Lee Says:

    I saw them live when I was like 5 years old? I barely remember, but I know it was awesome!

  35. M.J.J Biggest Fan Says:

    When the Children Cry<333.My fav song of White Lion.Mike Tramp<333….

  36. WhiteLioness74 Says:

    My all time fav band, I’ve loved them since i first heard them back in 87…and will always love<3

  37. WhiteLioness74 Says:

    White Lion is THE BAND for me…i got hooked the 1st time i heard them back in 87…can’t explain really why i get goosebumps every time i hear them…and Mike…ahh perfect guy, god knows i’ve been having wet dreams about him since i was 15;)

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