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Current Members(EDIT)

  • Jenna Piccolo – Lead Vocals
  • Jan Kuehnemund – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Lynn Louise Lowrey – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Kathrin ‘Kat’ Kraft – Drums, Backing Vocals


  • Vixen (1988)
  • Rev It Up (1990)
  • Tangerine (1998)
  • Best of Vixen – Full Throttle (1999)
  • Live & Learn (2006)

Live Albums(EDIT)

  • Extended Versions: Live In Sweden (2006)
  • Live In Sweden (2009)


Vixen is an American glam metal band from St. Paul, Minnesota. They were had minor commercial success in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. They are an all-female band.

The band was formed by guitarist Jan Kuehnemund in early 1984. Jan was looking for other musicians to join the band and she found singer Janet Gardner and bassist Pia Maiocco in 1984. Tamara Ivanov also joined the band as a rhythm guitarist in 1984 as well. To round out the band’s line-up, Laurie Hedlund joined as a drummer.

After the band had been playing for a year, they decided to relocated to L.A. in 1985 to play the clubs on the Sunset Strip.

For the next following years the band kept playing and their line-up kept changing. It was during this time they found the ‘classic’ line-up for the band. The line-up consisted of Janet Gardner as singer / rhythm guitar, Jan Kuehnemund as the lead guitarist, Share Pedersen on bass, and Roxy Petrucci playing the drums.

With this line-up, the band got signed to EMI in 1988. As soon as they were signed, they began recording their debut album. Their first album was called, Vixen. It was released in September of 1988. The album was a commercial success in America and Europe. It contained the bands hits, Edge of A Broken Heart, Cryin’, and Love Made Me.

The album spent 39 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart and it peaked at number 41. The song, Edge of A Broken Heart, peaked at number 26 on the Hot 100 chart. The song, Edge of A Broken Heart, was written and arranged by Richard Marx, who was brought in by EMI to help write a hit single for the band, so that they could compete with the Bangles, another all girl band.


Following the release of their debut album, the band toured for about a year. They opened for bands like Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, and the Scorpions. The band also headlined their own share of shows.

In July of 1990 the band released their next album called, Rev It Up. The album charted at number 20 in the UK and peaked at number 52 on the U.S. charts. The band toured in support of the album opening for KISS ans Deep Purple. Like the last tour, they headlined plenty of shows as well.

After 2 albums, the band disbanded in 1991. They disbanded due to musical differences between band members.

In 1997, drummer Roxy Petrucci reformed the band. Janet Gardner sang lead vocals and played rhythm guitar. The two new members were Gina Stile on lead guitar and Rana Ross on bass guitar. This line-up toured the U.S. in 1997.

In 1998, the new line-up recorded a new album called, Tangerine. This album was different from the two classic Vixen albums because it has more of a grunge type sound. The album did not chart.

The band toured the U.S. in 1998 to support the album. The band also brought in Roxy’s sister, Maxine Petrucci to play bass for the tour.

During the tour, the band was sued for copyright infringement by former Vixen guitarist and original founder of the band, Jan Kuehnemund.

In 2001, the band reunited for a second time. This time, the band was reformed by Jan Kuehnemund. The new line-up consisted of Janet Gardner singing lead vocals and playing rhythm guitar, Jan Kuehnemund on lead guitar, Roxy Petrucci playing drums and a new bassist, Pat Holloway.

The reformed line-up toured the US in 2001 on the Voices of Metal tour. However, tensions and disagreements began to arise in the band. This time, they split up mid-tour. The only remaining member was Kuehnemund.

Kuehnemund quickly formed yet another line-up of the band. She recruited Jenna Piccolo to sing, Lynn Louise Lowrey to play bass and Kathrin Kraft to play drums. This is the line-up that finished the tour. To this date, this is still the line-up of the band.

In 2006, the band released two new albums. First they released a live album in the Extended Versions series called, Extended Versions: Live In Sweden. They also released a new studio album called, Live & Learn. Niether album charted.

In 2009, the band released another live album called, Live In Sweden. This album is not to be confused with the Extended Versions: Live In Sweden, album, they are different albums.



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  1. dark curse Says:

    Just because I love glam doesn’t mean that I love ALL the bands. Vixen are an example of a band that I can’t stand and I know at least that motleycruegirl93 doesn’t like them either

  2. mick rockett Says:

    i love Vixen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. glamrockmonster Says:

    Have everyone of their albums and listen to them every weekend!

  4. poison555666 Says:

    Vixen are the fucking creme a’ la creme of the glam genre! sleaze, did you say you went to school with the drummer?

  5. smunky Says:

    Vixen kick major ass !!

  6. addicted2glam Says:

    Vixen is fuckin’ awesome. They shud come play in my hometown!!!

  7. darinm77 Says:

    Vixen had one song that would always grind on my nerves. so glad i haven’t heard it for so long and hope to never hear it again

  8. srf Says:

    Those were the good old days!

  9. Elsie Says:

    Best band by a country mile! Thank you Vixen

  10. dviant5 Says:

    Vixen is THE schit

  11. loscoz Says:

    Vixen OWNS!!!!!

  12. CinderellaChick Says:

    These guys are awesome!

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  13. mizzi616 Says:

    Vixen is by far, in my opinion, the GRATEST rock-nroll band of all time!!! I LOVE ‘EM

  14. hushdarling Says:

    My fav band of all time. I love Vixen.

  15. yas Says:

    Vixen kick major ass !!

  16. Saxon666 Says:

    I remember doing a paper run to save enough money to buy my first guitar and it’s all because of Vixen. Thank you for guiding me to my calling

  17. southernbadgirl Says:

    Vixen zijn de best presterende in de wereld

  18. sikkbunni Says:

    Who in the right mind could care less about Vixen?

  19. blueTNTtears Says:

    best band in the world.

  20. motleycrue91 Says:

    u guys r sooooooooooo awesome

  21. Starry_eyesx Says:

    hahaha what memories, i used to drum along to Vixen when i was like 12 yers old

  22. LucyDemetra Says:

    I went to school with the drummer. Always talked about being in a rock and roll band. Nice person

  23. Rheaderella Says:

    i love Vixen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. KillerDwarf Says:

    WTF, I just can’t see why anyone would like Vixen. They suck ass….

  25. neonqueen Says:

    FUCK YEAH!!! gimme an A power chord

  26. evile37 Says:

    Best band ever! FUcking love them!

  27. bone1 Says:

    Love them! They kick serious ass m/

  28. kareninstone Says:

    The first album of Vixen is the best, but his music is fucking good!!!!!!!!!!

  29. KATT Says:

    Love you forever <3. Keep rockin'

  30. ruez549 Says:

    I wish they would comeout with new music?they are so great. I have the box CD set ..and it?s is great?

  31. rockinrn Says:

    Love you forever <3. Keep rockin'

  32. Coopella Says:

    These guys are awesome!

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