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UFO is a British heavy metal band formed in 1969. The band was a transitional group between hard rock and the New Wave of British of Heavy Metal. UFO was ranked at number 84 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.

Current Members(EDIT)

  • Phil Mogg – Vocals
  • Vinnie Moore – Guitar
  • Paul Raymond – Keyboards, Guitar
  • Pete Way – Bass
  • Andy Parker – Drums


  • UFO 1 (1970)
  • Flying (1971)
  • Phenomenon (1974)
  • Force It (1975)
  • No Heavy Petting (1976)
  • Lights Out (1977)
  • Obsession (1978)
  • Strangers In The Night (1979)
  • No Place To Run (1980)
  • The Wild, The Willing, And The Innocent (1981)
  • Mechanix (1982)
  • Making Contact (1983)
  • Misdemeanor (1985)
  • Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1988)
  • High Stakes & Dangerous Men (1992)
  • Walk On Water (1995)
  • Covenant (2000)
  • Sharks (2002)
  • You Are Here (2004)
  • The Monkey Puzzle (2006)
  • The Visitor (2009)


UFO is a British heavy metal band formed in 1969. The band was a transitional group between hard rock and the New Wave of British of Heavy Metal. UFO was ranked at number 84 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.

The band was formed by singer Phil Mogg, guitarist Mick Bolton, bassist Pete Way, and drummer Andy Parker. The band was formed as, Hocus Pocus, but they changed their name to the club that they were spotted in, UFO.

When the band was signed to Beacon Records, they started recording their debut and in October of 1970, UFO I, was released. The album was very successful in Japan, the song, C’mon Everybody, was a huge hit in Japan. In Germany, the song, Boogie For George, or, Boogie, peaked at number 30 on the German singles chart.

In 1971, the band released their next album. The album, UFO 2: Flying was released on the Beacon Records Label. The album is also knowns as, UFO 2, Flying, and by its subtitle, One Hour Space Rock. Like its predecessor, the album was very successful in Japan. The song, Prince Kajuku, peaked at number 26 on the German singles chart. But as with the first album, the album didn’t generate much success in Britain or America.

In 1972, the band released their next album, Live. The album was the band’s first live recording and was originally released only in Japan. The album consists of live versions of blues covers and songs from their first two albums. The album was eventually re-released as, UFO Live In Japan and UFO Lands In Tokyo.

In January of 1972, Mick Bolton left the band and UFO set out to find a guitarist who could play with a more ’standard’ rock sound. After short time’s with two guitarists, Larry Wallis, and Bernie Marsden, the band recruited, Michael Schenker from the Scorpions in June of 1973.

With a new label, new guitarist, and a new sound, the band released, Phenomenon, in May of 1974. The album debuted the band’s new harder edged sound. To fans, the album was an instant classic, containing many fan favorites. The song, Doctor Doctor, was a minor hit single, and the song, Rock Bottom, was extended live so that Schenker could showcase his guitar skills.

In July of 1975, the band released their next album called, Force It. The album was the bands first to ever chart in the United States. The album cover was controversial because of a partial nude couple in a bath tub. When the artwork hit the United States, it was censored, making the couple in the bathtub transparent. The album peaked at number 71 on the Pop Albums Chart in the U.S.

No Heavy Petting, was released by the band in 1976. The album peaked at number 169 on the Pop Albums Charts in the United States. This album, its predecessor, and extensive touring brought the band to the commercial audiences in the United States. It also added to their fan base in the United Kingdom.

The band’s next release, Lights Out, was released in May of 1977. The album peaked at number 23 on the US Pop Albums charts, making this the highest charting UFO album in the United States yet. This album is considered the high point of their career and is generally considered a 1970’s classic. The songs, Too Hot To Handle, Lights Out, and Love To Love, were successful. During this time of their career, the band received a lot of critical acclaim.

With the new success of the band, they released, Obsession, in 1978. In the US, the album peaked at number 41 on the Pop Albums Chart. Then the band embarked on a tour, in which they would record a live album.


During the tour in support of the album, the band recorded and released a live album called, Strangers In The Night. The album was released in January of 1979. Strangers In The Night, brought huge success to the band. The album peaked at number 1 on the UK album charts, but only peaked at number 42 on the U.S. Pop Albums Chart.

Due to Schenker’s alcohol abuse getting out of control, tensions were growing in the band. Shortly after the band’s final US show in October of 1978, Schenker left the band. For a short time, he rejoined the Scorpions, and then he formed his own band, the Michael Schenker Group.

The band recruited ex-Skid Row guitarist Paul Chapman to replace Schenker. Skid Row was a Dublin blues-based rock band of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, not to be confused with the Glam band Skid Row.

The band released, No Place To Run in 1980. The album is the first to have Paul Chapman handling the guitar duties. The album had two singles released for it, Young Blood, and Letting Go. The album peaked at number 51 on the Pop Albums Chart in the U.S. in 1980.

The band’s next album, The Wild, The Willing, And The Innocent, was released in January of 1981. The album was the ninth studio release from the band. The song, Lonely Heart, was a minor UK hit single. In the US, the album peaked at number 77 on the Pop Albums charts and in the UK, the album peaked at number 19 on the Pop Albums charts as well.

In February of 1982, the band released, Mechanix. The album peaked at number 82 on the Pop Albums chart in the US, and peaked at number 8 on the Pop Albums chart in the UK. The song, Back Into My Life, was a minor hit in the US.

Later on in 1982, Pete Way left the band to eventually form his own band. He was replaced by, Billy Sheehan, formerly of Talas.

In 1983, the band released, Making Contact. In the UK, the album peaked at number 32 on the Pop Albums chart and in the United States, it peaked at number 153 on the Pop Albums chart. This was the first album not to have founding member, Pete Way on it. The album was a commercial failure.

After this, tensions in the band caused a short hiatus.

In 1985, the band released, Misdemeanor. The album peaked at number 106 in the US, and number 74 in the UK. Both albums were on the Pop Albums charts. The album wasn’t a success.

Ain’t Misbehavin’ – EP was released in February of 1988. The album was recorded in 1986, but not released until a few years later. This album wasn’t financially or commercially successful.

After the two previous albums didn’t do very well, the new-version of the band went on hiatus, again.

In 1992, the Mogg and Way tried reforming the band with another line-up. The band released, High Stakes & Dangerous Men. The album was released on a small label, but generated enough interest to possibly have a reunion.

In 1993, the classic line-up of UFO reunited. The line-up of, Phil Mogg, Michael Schenker, Pete Way, Paul Raymond, and Andy Parker recorded a new album called, Walk On Water. The album did not chart. During the tour, tensions rose again and Michael Schenker left mid-tour. The other band members went their separate ways after this.

in 2000, the band wanted another go at this, and they released, Covenant. Interestingly, they brought back Michael Schenker on guitar. The album was released as a limited edition 2-disc version. Disc 1 was the new material called, Covenant. The second disc was called, UFO Live USA, containing classics performed live.

Sharks, was the bands next album. It was released on September 3, 2002 on Shrapnel Records. It is the last album to feature lead guitarist, Michael Scenker. The album did not chart.

In 2004, the band recruited a new guitarist, Vinnie Moore, and they recorded a new album called, You Are Here. Again, the album did not chart.

The band’s next album, The Monkey Puzzle, was released on September 25, 2006 in Europe and September 26, 2006 in the U.S. For the tour, Pete Way was not able to get a work visa to enter the U.S., so Rob De Luca of Sebastian Bach’s had to fill in for the tour.

In 2009, UFO released their 20th record, The Visitor. It was released on June 2. Bassist, Pete Way did not play on the album due to a medical condition. The bass parts on the album were played by, Pete Pich. Pete Way was not credited as a band member on the album. No bassist was credited as a band member.



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    FUCK YEAH!!! gimme an A power chord

  2. Burbridge92 Says:

    UFO kick ass!!!!!!!!! (L)

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    hell yeh guys u fucken rock

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    Can anyone remember who produced their debut album? I used to know but can’t think of who it was right now

  5. Retroman Says:

    best live act ever existed?end of story!!!=)

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    I always liked how cool the bass player looked when dancing around on stage

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  8. angi Says:

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  10. mardy fox Says:

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  11. mark9165 Says:

    Already seen UFO play live 12 times and could easily make it 13 if morgane would come along with me LOL!

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  12. Bill Sch. Says:

    UFO I became acutely aware of about 1980, when I started buying their albums with Obsession. For me, Atomik Tommy era should have done well, saw the WOW tour in 1995, shortly after they broke up. Still wish Pete Way to join them Stateside! Stay strong!!

  13. gnrchick89 Says:

    WTF, I just can’t see why anyone would like UFO. They suck ass….

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    Im so surprised anyone paid them to record a second album coz the first was such crapola! I know chrismessrocks wouldn’t agree with me so lets just agree to disagree :)

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    AWESOME band one of the BEST EVER!!!!!

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    UFO sind die besten Künstler der Welt

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    UFO always made great music

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