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Current Members(EDIT)

  • Mark Slaughter – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Jeff Bland – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Dana Strum – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Timothy Diduro - Drums, Backing Vocals


  • Stick It To Ya (1990)
  • The Wild Life (1992)
  • Mass Slaughter: The Best of Slaugher (1995)
  • Fear No Evil (1995)
  • Revolution (1997)
  • Back To Reality (1999)

Live Albums(EDIT)

  • Stick It Live (1990)
  • Eternal Live (1998)


Slaughter is an American glam metal band from Las Vegas. The band was formed by singer and rhythm guitarist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum. The band had the most success in the early 1990’s.

The band formed in Las Vegas in 1988, at the height of the glam metal’s reign on MTV. The band didn’t achieve success until the end of the era, around 1990. They were in the spotlight for a brief time before the grunge movement happened.

To finish out the line-up for the band, Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum recruited lead guitarist Tim Kelly and drummer Blas Elias.

During May and June of 1989 the band was recording their debut album, Stick It To Ya. It was released in January of 1990 by Chrysalis Records. The album has sold over 2 million copies and was nominated for best metal album of the year in 1991.

The album had three hit singles. ‘Fly To The Angels’, a power ballad that peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100. The other two songs were ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Spend My Life’, which peaked at number 27 and 39 respecively.

While on tour supporting their debut album, the band released a live EP called, Stick It Live. The EP was released in 1990 by Chrysalis Records. The album was certified Gold.

Then the band was contacted by Orion Pictures to record a song for the upcoming movie, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. They recorded the song ‘Shout It Out’ and the song was accompanied by a music video. The song and video both received heavy airplay on the radio and MTV.

After constant touring, the band released their next album, The Wild Life, in April of 1992. The album spawned the hit songs, ‘The Wild Life’, ‘Days Gone By’ and ‘Real Love.’ The album debuted at number 8 on the charts and then soon went Platinum.

With the success of the first two albums, the band wanted to tour and get back into the studio to keep the momentum going. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be the case for the band. In 1993, Tim Kelly and the bands tour manager, at the time, were arrested for drug trafficking. During this time, it was not known if Kelly would be able to perform with the band again.

Then to add to the problems, Dana Strum was involved in a dirt bike accident. He suffered multiple broken bones, which included a left wrist and two fingers on the hand he plays bass with.


In November of 1993, the band started a recording schedule while Strum was going through rehabilitative therapy for his hand and Kelly was meeting with attorneys.

For the first time in a while, the band played a gig together on New Years Eve in 1993. They debuted some new material from their forthcoming album, Fear No Evil. The album, Fear No Evil, was completed in February of 1994.

During this time, the band found out that they were being dropped from their label in a massive ‘cleaning house’ to bring in more room for new bands to be signed.

After this, the band signed with CMC Records, who wanted to bring hard rock / metal back to the public. The bands first album with CMC Records was the long awaited album, ‘Fear No Evil’. The album didn’t have much success in the United States, but the album did well in Japan. During this time, guitarist Dave Marshall was called to fill in for Kelly at certain points for the tour.

After an extensive touring schedule, the band recorded their next album, Revolution. The album had more of a psychedelic sound than their typical hard rock / metal sound. This album was widely ignored by critics.

On February 5, 1998, Tim Kelly was killed in a car accident in the Arizona desert. While this was a major tragedy for the band, they, once again, were commited to continue on as a band.

In 1998, the band hired Jeff Blando to replace Kelly.

In 1998, the band released another live album called, Eternal Live. This was their first full-length live album though. Eternal Live was recorded in the summer of 1997, during two gigs, one in Mexico and one in Las Vegas. This was the last album to feature guitarist Tim Kelly.

In 1999, the band released the album, Back To Reality. The album was the fifth studio album from the band and the first to feature new guitarist, Jeff Blando.

In 2003, Capital Records re-mastered and re-released the bands first two albums, Stick It To Ya, and The Wild Life.

In April of 2004, the band released a DVD called, Then And Now. The DVD features 12 songs and 50 rare photos of the band.

Since the early 2000’s, the band has continued to tour with other bands from the 1980’s and early 1990’s glam metal scene. They’ve toured with bands such as Poison, Cinderella, Dokken, Skid Row, Ratt and more.



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  1. ryndanzig Says:

    WTF, I just can’t see why anyone would like Slaughter. They suck ass….

  2. eightiesbaby80 Says:

    I love Slaughter!I have seen them live twice&they were awesome both times!my favorite!

  3. nunose Says:

    My fave band of all time! m/(??^)m/

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  4. ronron Says:

    Great memories, thank you so much..

  5. trashiiguns Says:

    Heyy i love Slaughter soo much? where can i find a cardboard cutout of them?????? ??

  6. rockinpunkin1990 Says:

    Have everyone of their albums and listen to them every weekend!

  7. poisonguy69 Says:

    Slaughter is the best hard rock band off all time!!!!! I love them since I was little kid, and I love them today. Simply forever ;) ))))

  8. anarchy14rl Says:

    I saw them live when I was like 5 years old I barely remember, but I know it was awesome!

  9. loxley Says:

    I’ve got some original 80s concert tees that I don’t wear anymore and struggling to find the space to store them. Anyone want to buy some? I’m selling them for $5 each. Size XL mens

  10. imradx27 Says:

    Slaughter put on the best concert that Cleveland has ever seen!

  11. scarlettreid Says:

    Slaughter son las de mejor desempeño en el mundo

  12. jac185 Says:

    My parents loved Slaughter and I have to admit, so do I. Remarkable

  13. lexi sexx Says:

    Slaughter is pretty amazing and they are ONE of the best rock bands in the world but theyre not the TOTAL BEST!

  14. rnrangel Says:

    I’ve got some original 80s concert tees that I don’t wear anymore and struggling to find the space to store them. Anyone want to buy some? I’m selling them for $5 each. Size XL mens

  15. lillyd Says:

    I’ve heard so much about Slaughter. Hope to get to a show one day soon..

  16. exciter120 Says:

    Slaughter put out REAL rock N roll!

  17. bigride Says:

    My fav band of all time. I love Slaughter.

  18. MIKAYLAH Says:


  19. klynnm Says:

    these fuckers suck. I hate them. They act like little bitches backstage

  20. dizzy lipstixx Says:

    killer guitar player in this band

  21. micky Says:

    When it came to power ballads, no one could play them with as much emotion as Slaughter does xxx

  22. Hacki Says:

    Slaughter made 3 chord songs sound like fucking magic

  23. rockscience Says:

    I always liked how cool the bass player looked when dancing around on stage

  24. scottmet99 Says:

    hell yeh guys u fucken rock

  25. mbolanshoesiii Says:

    I think Slaughter should record a new album and promote it on a world tour. But that’s just my opinion :-)

  26. lyly10388 Says:

    Can anyone remember who produced their debut album? I used to know but can’t think of who it was right now

  27. mikexatxnitex Says:

    LOVE THEM =) <3

  28. Christos Says:

    I heard they are going to tour in Spain next November,2011.

  29. MissDeville Says:

    Slaughter were one of the leaders in pioneering the glam sound

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  30. blu Says:

    best live act ever existed?end of story!!!=)

  31. AvrilArrow Says:

    Love Slaughter!! Saw them twice and they kicked ass!

  32. popeye_summers Says:

    Those were the good old days!

  33. loscoz Says:

    AWESOME band?one of the BEST EVER!!!!!

  34. sid Says:

    hahaha what memories, i used to drum along to Slaughter when i was like 12 yers old

  35. AbbieRenita Says:

    Fuck Slaughter. Didn’t like them then, don’t like them now

  36. missyfiore Says:

    I love Slaughter. I have my 7 year old listening to them. They rocked when I was in high school and still do to this day.


    slaugther is the relaxe

  38. haightknight Says:

    I really think the comment that ryndanzing was WAY OUT OF LINE And he is also a stupid motherfucker and he’s gay as fuck fuck you bitch and all the other music that you listen to. Stupidass.now back to Slaughter you guys rock and please come bac, and come to scottsbluff, NE. KEEP ROCKIN MARK

  39. deborah Says:

    I love slaughter they one of my favourite rock bands and mark slaughter is such a good looking man keep on going slaughter

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