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Current Members(EDIT)

  • Sandi Saraya – Lead vocals
  • Tony “Bruno” Rey – Guitar and vocals
  • Gary “Skid” Taylor – Bass and vocals
  • Chuck Bonfante – Drums


  • Saraya (1989)
  • When The Blackbird Sings… (1991)

Live Albums(EDIT)

  • Westwood One Live (1989)


Saraya is a female fronted glam metal band from New Jersey. They were formed in 1987 from the carcasses of Alsace Lorraine and Swift Kick.

Sandi Saraya Salvador (born 31st December 1962) and Gregg Munier played in a band called Alsace Lorraine. They got signed to the Polygram label on the strength of three songs but had commitment problems with the other band members. A new guitarist and rhythm section would need to be recruited to continue with the record deal. Drummer Chuck Bonfonte and bass player Gary Taylor came down to an audition bringing Danger Danger guitarist Tony Rey with them. The chemistry was excellent so they knew it would work. The line-up was complete so they began writing songs ditching the name Alsace Lorraine in favour of the unusual but unique “Saraya”.

The self titled debut album took just over one month to record and was in the shops before any live shows were played. It was released on April 4th 1989 spending 39 weeks on the Billboard 200 peaking at #79. The band attracted media attention and was tagged “The Next Bon Jovi”. The first single “Love Has Taken Its Toll” peaked at #64 on the Billboard 100 with the follow up single “Back To The Bullet” peaking at #63.

The non album track “Timeless Love” was featured in the 1989 Wes Craven movie “Shocker” and was released on an official soundtrack. Saraya’s second and final album was released in 1991.


Saraya went through line-up and management changes after the first album. Barry Dunaway replaced Gary Taylor on bass. Gregg Munier parted company with the band after recording the keyboards and additional background vocals for the second album. Munier was not happy with the musical direction of “When The Blackbird Sings…” as it was more guitar oriented. He was replaced by John Riggio.

Changing management was expensive, time consuming and drained Sandi creatively. By the time the new material was released the music scene had changed direction with grunge being the main focus. The second album “When The Blackbird Sings…” and the singles “Hitchin’ A Ride” plus “Seducer” suffered from poor sales causing Saraya to split shortly after.

Many years later tragedy struck on the 3rd of February 2006 when Gregg Munier died from complications with Flu that turned to Pneumonia. He was 44 years old.

Sandi was once married to Tesla bass player Brian Wheat. She is currently married to actor Brendan Kelly and is rumoured to be bringing up five children.


A rare demo has found its way on to many internet file sharing sources. Titled “Demos 82-89″ it features 17 previously unreleased tracks from the early years. The quality of some of these recordings is poor.

Saraya are to play a reunion gig in the UK at Firefest. The event is to be held at Nottingham Rock City in late October 2010. The line-up will consist of the four original remaining members.

It has now been confirmed that Saraya have cancelled their reunion at Firefest 2010.

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  1. guitar17 Says:

    killer guitar player in this band

  2. AbbieRenita Says:

    One of the best voices in the business

  3. scott Says:

    great band and amazing musicians

  4. rightiousrocker Says:

    Saraya rules!!

  5. luv4glam Says:

    wtf are these pussies doing amongst such esteemed company?

  6. rockyshadesrules Says:

    I’d love to hear Saraya’s songs on the radio today

  7. biggie Says:

    Saraya is by far the Best Live Rock Show that you will see! They may not have been as big as some of the other groups from that era but trust me they blow everyone else off the freakin stage! Not even close and I know that even most of those bands will agree!

  8. PaceXTC Says:

    they kick ass! Love them!

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  9. hollywood4life Says:

    I saw them live when I was like 5 years old I barely remember, but I know it was awesome!

  10. Jam Zombie Says:

    Saraya made 3 chord songs sound like fucking magic

  11. Jersey766 Says:

    Saraya son la mejor banda de rock que he escuchado. x

  12. angeleyes Says:

    This band really rocks my world & they have a lot of very cool songs!!!!. They are a great band of all-time!!!!.

  13. gnrrocker93 Says:

    Saraya fucking rocks man,great voice, great riffs and lyrics. Always at his best!!!!

  14. Lipstikk_n_Leather Says:

    One of shaylovessixx favorites :)

  15. jonnyvolume88 Says:

    AWESOME band one of the BEST EVER!!!!!

  16. wikdpixie Says:

    best band in the world.

  17. clambake Says:

    Saraya’s music never dates. it’s a fresh today as what it was back then. Rock on

  18. tracimichaelzlover Says:

    Let’s hear 3 cheers for Saraya … hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hoooooorrrraayyyy you muthafuckers!!!!

  19. tejanoloco Says:

    jerseyboy if you are around, wats your opinion on Saraya

  20. motleykrew Says:

    Talk about memories, I caught a live show back in the day and the goosebumps are real today as they were then!

  21. Thepatrick Says:

    Fucking love Saraya x

  22. vernongowdy Says:

    Love Saraya <3

  23. scarlettreid Says:

    Gay motherfucker

  24. bonjovifanatic Says:

    Saraya zijn de beste rock band die ik heb geluisterd. x

  25. drumfreak Says:

    Let’s hear it…. Saraya, Saraya, Saraya ….

  26. sixstringscreamer Says:

    I feel silly but good. Used to sing along to the first album with a hairbrush for a microfone

  27. kombatbunni Says:

    I remember doing a paper run to save enough money to buy my first guitar and it’s all because of Saraya. Thank you for guiding me to my calling

  28. THE GLAMOURS Says:

    wat the fuck. home come so many people like Saraya. I fucken can’t stand ‘em

  29. helenstebb Says:

    I feel silly but good. Used to sing along to the first album with a hairbrush for a microfone

  30. sixxgirl Says:

    Saraya fucking rocks man,great voice, great riffs and lyrics. Always at his best!!!!

  31. space ace Says:

    Saraya is fuckin? awesome. They shud come play in my hometown!!!

  32. squirtatious4u Says:

    LOVE THEM =) <3

  33. crazyfarm Says:

    These guys are awesome!

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  34. rockassbass Says:

    Where can I find lyrics of Saraya? Song Hitchin´ the ride…

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