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Faster Pussycat

Current Members(EDIT)

  • Taime Downe – vocals
  • Michael Thomas – guitar
  • Danny Nordahl – bass
  • Xristian Simon – guitar
  • Chad Stewart – drums


  • Faster Pussycat (1987)
  • Wake Me When It’s Over (1989)
  • Live and Rare – EP (1990)
  • Whipped! (1992)
  • Belted, Buckled and Booted – EP (1992)
  • Between the Valley of the Ultra Pussy (2001)
  • Greatest Hits: Faster Pussycat (2003)
  • The Power and the Glory Hole (2006)
  • Front Row at the Donkey Show(2009)


Faster Pussycat is an American hard rock band from Los Angeles, California. Faster Pussycat was formed in 1986.The group was most successful during the late 1980s with their albums Faster Pussycat and Wake Me When It’s Over.

Faster Pussycat was formed in Hollywood by Taime Downe in 1986. The earliest lineup of the band featured Downe and Greg Steele along with Brent Muscat.

After several more member changes, Faster Pussycat soon morphed into the band’s most well known line-up. It consisted of Taime Downe singing, Greg Steele playing guitar, Brent Muscat also playing guitar, Kelly Nickels on bass guitar and Brett Bradshaw playing drums.

Before recording their debut album, Nickels left the group and was replaced by Eric Stacy. Stacy was once in the band Champagne. The band released their debut album Faster Pussycat in 1987. The band managed to build a cult following and put out several promotional videos from the first album for songs such as “Cathouse”, “Bathroom Wall” and “Don’t Change That Song”. In the United States the band toured with Alice Cooper, David Lee Roth, and Motörhead in support of the album.

Two years later, Faster Pussycat would record their most successful album Wake Me When It’s Over. The album received gold status. Its sales were largely because by the hit single, “House of Pain”. Music videos were also produced for “House of Pain” and “Poison Ivy”.


While the band was touring for the album in 1990, drummer Mark Michals was arrested in Omaha, Nebraska for trying to mail heroin to his hotel room and was subsequently kicked out of the band. Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot filled in as drummer for the remainder of the tour.

In 1992 Faster Pussycat released their third album called, Whipped! It peaked at #90 on the charts. This album was a more mature recording than their previous albums. It also explored some new musical territory. It was released as as the grunge music explosion was starting and like many other 1980s metal acts they suddenly disappeared.

After Faster Pussycat broke up, the members went their separate ways into various projects.

In December 2006, three former original Faster Pussycat members; Brent Muscat, Eric Stacy and Brett Bradshaw alongside The Underground Rebels vocalist, Kurt Frohlich, began performing under the name Faster Pussycat. It created two versions of the band both claiming to be the original. Brent’s claimed purpose for this was to allow fans to hear Faster Pussycat tracks played in the way they originally recorded, as opposed to the Industrial rock-themed version he said Downe continued to front. Brent also made a legal claim to the name ‘Faster Pussycat’.


Taime has continued on with the name ‘Faster Pussycat.’ This version of the band performed at Rocklahoma in July of 2007.

During their set, Taime Downe went on a tirade to the crowd referencing to Brent Muscat’s cancer. He said he wished that he would die. Those statements received a poor reception from both the crowd and journalists. He then cut their set short and left the stage without playing several of their biggest hits.

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  1. gringaloka513 Says:

    i love faster pussycat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seles Says:

    Not my favorite band, had some catchy tunes but nothing that hasn’t been done before. I listen to them once or twice from time to time, but wouldn’t bother going to a show. Plus, in the decline of western civilization, they made themselves look like arrogant idiots, and on some level it made me realize why some glam bands are so hated on.

  3. czoszka Says:

    Love Faster Pussycat!! Saw them twice and they kicked ass!

  4. crisryes Says:

    My Favourite all time glam ? hard rock ? all things to everyone band! Faster Pussycat

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  5. Clementine Says:

    Let’s hear it…. Faster Pussycat, Faster Pussycat, Faster Pussycat ….

  6. glamfan21 Says:

    I went to school with the drummer. Always talked about being in a rock and roll band. Nice person

  7. nolanvoid1 Says:

    gosh these guys put on a great live show

  8. brittany89 Says:

    What a HOT band x

  9. Scarlette_Emily Says:

    Love them! They kick serious ass m/

  10. exile Says:

    I Love Faster Pussycat?i love you sooo much?.I Miss the old Faster Pussycat.what do you think rattandrollforever?

  11. kareninstone Says:

    Faster Pussycat sind die besten Künstler der Welt

  12. gibsonsg0511 Says:

    Those were the good old days!

  13. daveydamaged Says:

    I Love Faster Pussycat?i love you sooo much?.I Miss the old Faster Pussycat.what do you think gunstone?

  14. lexxi Says:

    Talk about memories, I caught a live show back in the day and the goosebumps are real today as they were then!

  15. nunose Says:

    The more I think of Faster Pussycat’s music, the more I like it.

  16. alexeyhermann Says:

    gosh these guys put on a great live show

  17. billy10388 Says:

    gosh these guys put on a great live show

  18. blgarr65 Says:

    Faster Pussycat put on the best concert that Cleveland has ever seen!

  19. giocruz Says:

    In the early days, Faster Pussycat used to gaffa out the brands of their amps, their guitars, the drum kit brand and their effects units. Then they got sponsored and never had to pay for gear again. Their manager was a smooth operator

  20. glamcatxxx Says:

    I wish they would comeout with new music they are so great. I have the box CD set ..and it’s is great!

  21. revlower Says:

    to glamcatxxx : they have put out new music! check out full http://www.fulleffectrecords.com they have 2 newer albums. and check out taimes other band the newlydeads!

  22. ezra Says:

    they kick ass! Love them!

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  23. BangkokShock Says:

    Loved the live shows. The albums, not so much

  24. whitebaf Says:

    I’m collecting any old ticket stubs. If you have any you wanna sell, drop me a line at erasmus@mailinator.com

  25. melollirecklesslover Says:

    I went to school with the drummer. Always talked about being in a rock and roll band. Nice person

  26. lilmule Says:

    Come back to Bowling Green KY

  27. elmo Says:

    Who in the right mind could care less about Faster Pussycat?

  28. fernierod Says:

    you rock guys love you keep rockin, hey armand have you seen them live? If not, it may be the best ever show you’ve ever seen!

  29. tori tantrum Says:

    These guys are awesome!

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  30. glamguitarist78 Says:

    I love Faster Pussycat

  31. glamcatxxx Says:

    Faster Pussycat is by far the Best Live Rock Show that you will see! They may not have been as big as some of the other groups from that era but?trust me?they blow everyone else off the freakin stage! Not even close and I know that even most of those bands will agree!

  32. dirtysleazee Says:

    Faster Pussycat is fuckin? awesome. They shud come play in my hometown!!!

  33. metallicaob Says:

    One of the Best Live Bands EVER! Come back to Raleigh!

  34. scarlettreid Says:

    I feel silly but good. Used to sing along to the first album with a hairbrush for a microfone

  35. dirty247 Says:

    The first album of Faster Pussycat is the best, but his music is fucking good!!!!!!!!!!

  36. minnigh1972 Says:

    Faster Pussycat were one of the leaders in pioneering the glam sound

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