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Bang Tango

Current Members(EDIT)

  • Joe LeSte – vocals
  • Mark Knight – guitar
  • Kyle Stevens – guitar and backing vocals
  • Kyle Kyle – bass and backing vocals
  • Tigg Ketler – drums


  • Live Injection (1989)
  • Psycho Cafe (1989)
  • Dancin’ On Coals (1991)
  • Love After Death (1994)
  • Greatest Tricks (1999)
  • Ready To Go (2004)
  • The Ultimate Bang Tango: Rockers And Thieves (2004)
  • From The Hip (2006)

Live Albums(EDIT)

  • Ain’t No Jive…Live! (1992)
  • Live (1998)
  • Untied & Live (1999)


One of the most original bands to come out of the L.A. glam scene in the late 80’s. They blended the glam vocals and attitude with funky bass lines and a streetwise appearance. They showed so much potential that they were signed to a major label before a demo was even recorded.

The band formed in Los Angeles when Rough Cutt’s Amir Derakh introduced Joe LeSte (vocals) to Mark Knight (guitar) and Kyle Kyle (bass). The line-up was later completed with the additions of Kyle Stevens (guitar) and Tigg Ketler (drums). The group was quickly snatched up by Mechanic/MCA and unleashed their Psycho Cafe, an original and unrelenting debut studio album. Singles such as “Someone Like You” brought the band mild success and rave reviews. However by the time of 1994’s Love After Death release, the music scene had changed completely and was unforgiving to band such as Bang Tango. Knowing their time had passed, the group split up and went their separate ways.


Kyle Kyle would team up with Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat) in an industrial tinged band called the Newlydeads. However by 1998 he had re-teamed with Joe LeSte for a Bang Tango reunion tour with Mark Tremalgia on guitar and Walter Earl on drums.
The bands heyday has long passed without much fanfare, but they left behind some of the most memorable and distinguishable music of the glam era.

LeSte managed to land another major label deal with the Beautiful Creatures, but also had time to record a new Bang Tango album in 2004. Ready To Go featured a revamped line-up of Alex Grossi (guitar), Anthony Focx (guitar), Chris Roach (bass) and Matt Starr (drums) while 2006’s From The Hip featured Mark Simpson (guitar), Lance Eric (bass) and Timmy Russell (drums). The remaining original members have formed the Worry Beads.



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  1. spec Says:

    seen joe leste at a club in vegas club madrid met him after words cool guy! they still JAM!

  2. Jeanette Emilian Says:

    When r u coming to columbus ohio. I’d love to see u play again.

  3. heavymetal27107 Says:

    Fucking love Bang Tango x

  4. sonicruin Says:

    have thier first album,havent listened for years but after reading this think Ill pull it out and give a listen.Always loved the Bang Tango!

  5. metal 101 Says:

    My parents loved Bang Tango and I have to admit, so do I. Remarkable

  6. duffsixx Says:

    thepatrick if you are around, wats your opinion on Bang Tango

  7. dee Says:

    Bang Tango is by far the Best Live Rock Show that you will see! They may not have been as big as some of the other groups from that era but trust me they blow everyone else off the freakin stage! Not even close and I know that even most of those bands will agree!

  8. dundeesteve Says:

    Bang Tango always made great music

  9. helencil Says:

    My all time heroes … Bang Tango you ROCK!!!

  10. slashbaby Says:

    Bang Tango sind die besten Rock-Band, die ich hörte x

  11. crazyfarm Says:

    Bang Tango is by far, in my opinion, the GRATEST rock-nroll band of all time!!! I LOVE ‘EM

  12. noahbrie Says:

    There were lots of glam bands that we in it for the look and the babes. With Bang Tango, the music always came first

  13. mustangdonna Says:

    In the 80s, my entire wardrobe was based on what Bang Tango used to wear at the time. Wish I still had it :(

  14. amprage Says:

    The more I think of Bang Tango’s music, the more I like it.

  15. SeargantSchlong Says:

    hehehehe, i have to admit that i play air guitar while jumping up and down on my bed to Bang Tango :) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  16. jayberwanger Says:

    Bang Tango rules live. Even if it is the new line-up..they are still awesome!!

  17. grrlse7en Says:

    Saw Bang Tango in early 90s really rocked!

  18. RandiLove Says:

    Bang Tango simply KICK ASS!!!

  19. rachelamanduh Says:

    The first album of Bang Tango is the best, but his music is fucking good!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 80sglamdoll Says:

    Bang Tango were the support for KISS back in their spandex days. What a great concert it was

  21. Mac Says:

    i am a big fan your songs are great i still listen to up to this day

  22. peterjamesvilleta08 Says:

    Compared to shitty metal bands of today, Bang Tango totally wipe them under the carpet

  23. bangkokfan17 Says:

    Ewwww! how fugly is that?

  24. nikkitwisted Says:

    Fucking love Bang Tango x

  25. crazybitch Says:

    Bang Tango sind die besten Rock-Band, die ich hörte x

  26. kickstrtmyhrt Says:

    Great memories, thank you so much..

  27. ericl Says:

    wat the fuck. home come so many people like Bang Tango. I fucken can’t stand ‘em

  28. misslynnn Says:

    Have every of their albums and listen to them every weekend!

  29. tempest Says:

    Talk about memories, I caught a live show back in the day and the goosebumps are real today as they were then!

  30. indyguy Says:

    wtf are these pussies doing amongst such esteemed company?

  31. jakey Says:

    Bang Tango rules!!

  32. -shiloh- Says:

    In the 80s, my entire wardrobe was based on what Bang Tango used to wear at the time. Wish I still had it :(

  33. rockerchick0001 Says:

    Bang Tango were one of the leaders in pioneering the glam sound

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  34. alexmalmstrom Says:

    The first album of Bang Tango is the best, but his music is fucking good!!!!!!!!!!

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