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Bad English

Current Members(EDIT)

  • John Waite – vocals
  • Neal Schon – guitar
  • Ricky Phillips – bass
  • Deen Castronovo – drums
  • Jonathan Cain – keyboards


  • Bad English (1989)
  • Backlash (1991)
  • Greatest Hits (1995)

Live Albums(EDIT)


Considered by many to be one of AOR’s most spectacular super groups, Bad English provided a perfect blend of radio-friendly rockers and powerful ballads.

Former Babys front man John Waite was enjoying a successful solo career when he signed with Epic records in 1988. However, for his next album he had decided he didn’t want to continue as a solo artist, and instead wanted to build another band. He recruited former Babys alumni, bassist Ricky Phillips and keyboardist Jonathan Cain (an ex-Journey member). Cain names the band Bad English, and invites his former Journey colleague Neal Schon (guitar) to join. Schon brings along session drummer Deen Castronovo and the group is solidified.

In June of 1989 the debut album is released upon the public. It slowly reached #21 on the Billboard charts behind the #1 success of the second single, the ballad “When I See You Smile”. The album went platinum in America, and spawned another top ten hit in “Price Of Love.”


During the recording of the follow-up disc, everything began to fall apart. Ego clashes led to dissention over which direction the band’s music should take. Waite felt he was being forced to sing songs he didn’t like, and the tension between members led to the bands dissolution shortly after the release of Backlash. The album proved to be a major flop compared to the debut, peaking out at #72 on the charts, with no hit singles.

Schon and Castronovo jumped ship to join the harder rocking Hardline, with Cain and Waite pursuing solo careers.



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  1. kattbakk Says:

    i LOVE this band so much the best rock band in the world!!

  2. trikkinikki Says:

    One of the Best Live Bands EVER! Come back to Raleigh!

  3. slacker15 Says:

    I saw them live when I was like 5 years old? I barely remember, but I know it was awesome!

  4. lynx33 Says:

    3 cheers for Bad English … woo hoot…

  5. geiter Says:

    Bad English’s music never dates. it’s a fresh today as what it was back then. Rock on

  6. tabithaaxoxo Says:

    Best band by a country mile! Thank you Bad English

  7. dottie5150 Says:

    Fuck Bad English. Didn’t like them then, don’t like them now

  8. Stevie Says:

    Bad English has the best songs and video’s

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  9. metalheart Says:

    This band really rocks my world & they have a lot of very cool songs!!!!. They are a great band of all-time!!!!.

  10. drums Says:

    Great memories, thank you so much..

  11. mixxi Says:

    Bad English have always created music that motivates you to get stuff done

  12. 1rockstarlover Says:

    Bad English rules live. Even if it is the new line-up..they are still awesome!!

  13. suziqt000 Says:

    The last time I saw Bad English, I was so drunk, passed out and don’t remember a fucking thing! Those were the days. Couldn’t do that now. It was an 80s thing :)

  14. tommyleeclaybon Says:

    One good album. The rest were uplayable but the bio sure reads well

  15. txsdoll Says:

    One of the Best Live Bands EVER! Come back to Raleigh!

  16. hysteria89 Says:

    Bad English always made great music

  17. teaser Says:

    Bad English rockin’ America xxx

  18. Chocolate Pie Says:

    Heyy i love Bad English soo much? where can i find a cardboard cutout of them?????? ??

  19. techwreckie Says:

    Best band by a country mile! Thank you Bad English

  20. cruegirl1 Says:


  21. lioncourt Says:

    I never thought I’d see the day to find a website that immortalized Bad English. LOL

  22. rosie Says:

    Bad English zijn de beste rock band die ik heb geluisterd. x

  23. 80sglamgurl Says:

    Love Bad English <3

  24. richiewristrokkit Says:

    great band and amazing musicians

  25. dooobage Says:

    Just because I love glam doesn’t mean that I love ALL the bands. Bad English are an example of a band that I can’t stand and I know at least that aml76 doesn’t like them either

  26. photo8chick Says:

    These guys are awesome!

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  27. ironmanben Says:

    WTF, I just can’t see why anyone would like Bad English. They suck ass….

  28. cristine Says:

    I love Bad English!I have seen them live twice&they were awesome both times!my favorite!

  29. Minnigh Says:

    Already seen Bad English play live 12 times and could easily make it 13 if kickit would come along with me LOL!

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  30. josh Says:

    Bad English is by far the Best Live Rock Show that you will see! They may not have been as big as some of the other groups from that era but?trust me?they blow everyone else off the freakin stage! Not even close and I know that even most of those bands will agree!

  31. sexylepardwoman Says:

    Bad English played Vancouver in May of 1988. I remember. It was on my birthday and what a unforgetable concert….

  32. Twigulkjailla Says:

    hahaha what memories, i used to drum along to Bad English when i was like 12 yers old

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