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Babylon A.D.

Current Members(EDIT)

  • Derek Davis – vocals
  • Danny De La Rosa – guitar
  • Ron Freschi – guitar and vocals
  • Robb Reid – bass and vocals
  • Jamey Pacheco – drums and percussion


  • Babylon A.D. (1989)
  • Nothing Sacred (1992)
  • Live In Your Face (1998)
  • American Blitzkrieg (2002)
  • In The Beginning… (2006)

Live Albums(EDIT)


A great straight-ahead hard rock, pop metal band that had minor success on the tail end of the glam movement, even though they were more of a no-frills rock group.
Formed in Oakland, California by Derek Davis (vocals), Ron Freschi (guitar), Danny De La Rosa (guitar), Robb Reid (bass) and Jamey Pacheco (drums). They became the first hard rock band ever signed to Arista records and the debut album reached the Top 100 on the Billboard charts during its 35 week run, due in part to the minor success of the single “Bang Go The Bells.” But all went quiet after the awesome second album. In 1994, upset with the music business and changing musical tide, Babylon A.D. split up.


In 1998 the group reformed minus Reid, who no longer wanted to tour. Jamey’s younger brother Eric Pacheco was brought in as the new bassist, and the band recorded an American Blitzkrieg on a shoestring budget of $5000, and released it on their own independent label in July of 2000.

Davis and Jamey Pacheco are currently in American Blues Box, but Babylon A.D. will likely resurface every now and again. Freschi is currently working on an album with his new band Syrym.



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  1. Zoomer Says:

    I’m looking for the 1989 CD, New not used can anyone pont me in the right place? and a good price? the last one was for $50.00 need one cheeper than that

  2. cbjellybean Says:


  3. exciter120 Says:

    My ex loved Babylon A.D. and I did too, probably because the ex did. Don’t realyl care much for them now

  4. Devine Says:

    These guys are awesome!

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  5. gunzzz Says:

    Babylon A.D. was the best!!!!!

  6. nikkischic67 Says:


  7. trikkinikki Says:

    Love Babylon A.D. <3

  8. nikkisixxfreak Says:

    Babylon A.D. made 3 chord songs sound like fucking magic

  9. mikejames Says:

    Babylon A.D. rockin’ America xxx

  10. countrott Says:

    My all time heroes … Babylon A.D. you ROCK!!!

  11. 92Cas Says:

    I’d love to hear Babylon A.D.’s songs on the radio today

  12. vickibob Says:

    Best band ever! FUcking love them!

  13. mizz khaos Says:

    Babylon A.D. kick major ass !!

  14. randiesaints Says:

    Babylon A.D. zijn de best presterende in de wereld

  15. mothervixen Says:

    Just because I love glam doesn’t mean that I love ALL the bands. Babylon A.D. are an example of a band that I can’t stand and I know at least that blurrrykittten doesn’t like them either

  16. startattoo76 Says:

    Babylon A.D. son las de mejor desempeño en el mundo

  17. wawel Says:

    best live act ever existed…end of story!!!=)

  18. lucia Says:

    I wish they would comeout with new music they are so great. I have the box CD set ..and it’s is great!

  19. lucaskleber21 Says:

    gosh these guys put on a great live show

  20. acelynn Says:

    OMFG I’ve forgotten that Babylon A.D. existed once upon a time. So overwhelmed by the memories. Thank you glamrock.com

  21. brandyblue Says:

    My favorites of all time!!!! love you Babylon A.D.

  22. ciliababy2010 Says:

    hahaha what memories, i used to drum along to Babylon A.D. when i was like 12 yers old

  23. rockhead1960 Says:

    I’m collecting any old ticket stubs. If you have any you wanna sell, drop me a line at erasmus@mailinator.com

  24. pete423956 Says:

    I always liked how cool the bass player looked when dancing around on stage

  25. localeslie Says:

    I always liked how cool the bass player looked when dancing around on stage

  26. bawm65 Says:

    hell yeh guys u fucken rock

  27. sweetheart Says:

    Saw Babylon A.D. in early 90s really rocked!

  28. sirpsyko Says:

    Best band ever! FUcking love them!

  29. rocker Says:

    Babylon A.D. rules!!

  30. psychorockr69 Says:

    Those were the good old days!

  31. justinwalker62yahoo Says:

    Have every of their albums and listen to them every weekend!

  32. niall Says:

    Babylon A.D. is by far the Best Live Rock Show that you will see! They may not have been as big as some of the other groups from that era but?trust me?they blow everyone else off the freakin stage! Not even close and I know that even most of those bands will agree!

  33. volkmen Says:

    My fav band of all time. I love Babylon A.D..

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