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Instructions for editing/creating Band Biographies

Hello and welcome to GlamRock.com’s Band Biographies.

It is important to know that you can edit a bands’ biography OR you can create a NEW band biography. However, for you to do this you need a username and password which you can obtain by clicking here and following the instructions if you haven’t one already.

To EDIT a Band Biography

Once you are logged in, open a bands’ biography and click on the (Edit) link that appears beside each of the section headers. Examples of section headers are -

  • ALBUMS (Edit)
  • LIVE ALBUMS (Edit)
  • HISTORY (Edit)

Once you have clicked on the (Edit) link, you will be presented in a ‘post edit’ screen that contains the contents of the section. Please edit/add using accurate information.

Once you have made your edits, click on the blue button on the right that says “Update Post”. The band biography will then be locked from edits until it is approved by our moderators.

To return to the site, please click on the “Visit Site” button at the left hand top of the screen. We thank you for your contribution.

To ADD a Band Biography

You can create a biography for any band which has released at least one album and does not already appear on GlamRock.com.

To do this, go to any bands’ biography, click on the (Edit) link beside any section header to access the ‘post edit’ screen.

When in the ‘post edit’ screen, at the top of the page next to your logged in details is a button called “New Post”. Click on this button to be presented with a blank post screen.

At the blinking cursor, type the name of the band.

Position the cursor in the ‘post creation window’ and list the following headings and content -

  • Band Members
  • Albums
  • History

Once you have completed your contribution, click on the blue button on the right titled “Submit for Review”. Your band biography will them be queued for review, formatting and approval. Please email a group shot of the band to admin[at]glamrock.com.

To return to the site, please click on the “Visit Site” button at the left hand top of the screen.

Thank you very much for your contribution.